Executive Board

Welcome from the BESSA executive board members for 2013-2014!

President: Claire-Marie Kooi

Major: Atmospheric Science
Minor: Dance and Performance Studies
Class: Senior

I have been heavily involved with BESSA for the past 2 years. I first became interested in BESSA because of its commitment to academic excellence, professionalism, leadership, and community service. What made me keep coming back, however, is the family-like atmosphere. When you walk into a BESSA meeting, you are welcomed with open arms. BESSA is definitely one of the best organizations I have been a part of on campus.

Another organization that I am a part of on campus is the Cal NERDS (New Experiences for Research and Diversity in Science) program , which allows me to attend fully funded conferences, conduct paid research, attend useful workshops, utilize free tutoring services and much more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or attend a meeting! We would love to have you!


Secretary: Mobolaji A. Ojuri (Bolaji)

Major: Civil Engineering
Class: Junior

Hello, my name is Mobolaji A. Ojuri, just call me Bolaji (Balla-Gee). I am a Civil Engineer major in my Junior year.

I became a part of BESSA because it is the only space on campus that unifies African-American students who are in the STEM fields. Initially, as a freshman, it was difficult to find a space and find other students who are taking the same classes as me because not many Blacks are enrolled in Engineering, or other related STEM fields. However, I found BESSA and it was welcoming and warming to know that there is a space and organization on campus solely for the uplifting and resourcing towards us Black students that are taking these STEM classes.

Besides my academic rigor as an Engineer, I am a very social person and love being around people and being active in my community! I am a part of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, Nigerian Student Association, I help out the Black Student Union, Black Recruitment and Retention Center, as well as being on the Dance Junta dance team. What I love about college is the ability to be able to excel in all fields socially, academically, and professionally, and take these developing skills into the real world after graduating.